We offer comprehensive, full service, IT support.

The whole of IT support is greater than the sum of its parts

You need an IT partner who understands that technology support is so much more than resolving technical problems. That is why our objective is to optimize your end-to-end IT environment by combining planning, prevention, and resolution as part of one, all-inclusive support package.

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Proactive Planning & Deployments

We start with a plan

Our first step when working with a new client is to identify outstanding issues and develop a plan to bring the IT environment up to best practices.

When a company moves from one provider to another, they have already identified that their IT environment is being under-managed.

We dive into the details, identify issues that can be quickly resolved without any extra cost and we fix those issue. We uncover complex problems and systematic issues and we put together a road map, including budget, for bringing the environment up to best practices.

Once we move the IT environment from issue prone and reactive to stable and proactive, we put in place a strategy for keeping IT current with best practices.

When the day-to-day issues are proactively managed, the business can focus on strategy and growth. We strategically recommend technology to help you further your business goals, short-term and long-term.

IT support service CIO Consultations

CIO Consultations

Stay on top of today’s ever-changing technology landscape with quarterly CIO consultations that include strategy definition, planning, and budgeting.

IT support service Cloud storage strategy

Cloud storage strategy

Leverage the cloud to store your critical data on secure external servers and reduce your reliance on physical machines in case of failure and hacking.

IT support service new technology deployments

New technology deployment

We help you source and deploy the right technology according to the needs of your users – enabling them to focus on their day-to-day job.

IT support service reporting


Get real-time visibility about the health of your IT operations with our custom reports which contain inventories, antivirus statuses, updates, and much more.

IT support service VoIP deployments and management

VoIP deployments and management

Experiment a flexible and affordable way to manage your business communications across multiple locations with a cloud-based, unified phone system.

IT support service Website / application development

Website / application development

Our team of developers can support you design and code custom websites and applications according to your business requirements and on a defined budget.

Issue Prevention

We are vigilant about prevention

We use the best available software on the market and proprietary tools to continuously monitor the health of your IT systems to prevent issues.

Technology is only one half of IT support, supporting people is the other half. We educate and train users on how to effectively use their technology so they can prevent user generated issues.

IT support service antivirus protection

Antivirus protection

Secure your data at each endpoint with our enterprise-class antivirus protection – included in our comprehensive IT support service.

IT support service advice on best practices

Advice on best practices

Make sure your employees follow the best practices –e.g. using spam filters, identifying suspicious sources and programs, etc.– to minimize the risk of outage right from the start.

IT support service industry specific software

Industry specific software

Receive support aligned to your unique workflows and the industry-specific applications you use to run your business.

IT support service policy management

Policy management

We help you define policies to guide your employees about how to –and not to– use technology to maximize efficiency while preventing data breaches.

IT support service remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

We keep a constant close watch on your IT environment to ensuring your hardware and applications operate normally.

IT support service user education

User education

Educating users as we support their technology to help them work more efficiently.

Information security & data protection

We put security first

We consider access to our clients’ technology and data as a great responsibility in which every action should be guided by the highest level of ethics and a strong emphasis on security.

"Security first" is our motto and that motto drives every action we take. And a layered defense, or defense in depth, is the best practice secure IT environment.

One layer of security is a strong antivirus software on every computer endpoint. Included our IT support service is enterprise class antivirus software for every workstation, laptop, and desktop computer. The antivirus software is configured to talk back to our servers to retrieve intraday virus definitions and updates.

Another layer of security is patching known security vulnerabilities as soon as a fix is available. Our clients' computers receive weekly operating system and application updates to patch known security holes as soon as a fix is published.

Keeping information and data safe with backups and offsite disaster recovery backups, to preserve out clients' data in the event of accidental user action or unpreventable disaster.

Simply Smart Technology layers on security to our clients' IT systems at the network perimeter, servers, and individual end-points. And beyond technology controls we work with our clients' on user policies and user training that ensure everyone adopts the motto of "security first".

IT support service backups


Stop losing valuable information with a comprehensive backup plan specific to your business requirements.

IT support service disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

Save time and money as we work with you to restore your data and files quickly when an unexpected issue occurs.

IT support service firewall management

Firewall Management

Protect your IT environment against malware and prevent unauthorized computer access without slowing down the day-to-day work of your employees.

IT support service network security

Network security

Establish preventative measures to keep bad traffic out and content filters to block the access to inappropriate websites and resources from your organization's mobile and fixed technology.

IT support service password policies

Password policies

Define security rules to strengthen your organization’s authentication process and ensure the use of strong passwords to minimize the risk of data breaches.

IT support service patches and updates

Patches and updates

Stay ahead of system failures and cyber threats with the latest updates and patches – keeping your IT environment up to date, stable and secure.

Quick Resolution

We are responsive to your business

Chances are, if you have employees working so do we.

We have clients in Alaska and Florida and everywhere in between, so our help desk coverage is a 12 hour window that spans the business hours of all timezones.

Our help desk hours are:
7:00am - 7:00pm Central
8:00am - 8:00pm Eastern
6:00am - 6:00pm Mountain
5:00am - 5:00pm Pacific

Beyond normal help desk hours, our clients' can access IT support help outside of these business hours for emergency response to any critical issue.

Our IT support clients receive remote support for quick response, regularly scheduled onsite visits, and explicitly defined service level agreements to keep their IT environment working efficiently and their users happy.

IT support service help desk services

Help desk services

Our local support technicians are ready to help and work on your technology problems as soon as you call – usually resolving requests on the first contact.

IT support service network administration

Network administration

We ensure your IT environment remains reliable by managing all the aspects of your network connectivity – firewalls, routers, switches, and devices.

IT support service remote support

Remote support

The fastest way to receive IT support for most problems. Our technicians can connect directly to the affected machine(s) and help your employees in real time.

IT support service onsite support

Onsite support

Some issues are too serious to be fixed remotely. But the impact on your business should remain minimal, and our technicians are available to visit you onsite within an 8-hour window.

IT support service server administration

Server administration

Our skilled server administrators can support you connect the dots between your multiple servers – email, file and print, web and applications, operating systems, etc. – and create a smooth and efficient IT environment.