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It takes a great team of IT professionals
to create reliable technology and happy users.

Erin Kelley, Owner, Simply Smart Technology

Erin Kelley
Owner & Lead Technologist

An IT company led by an IT expert

How do you know if a technology company is competent?


In other professional fields, there is a clear set of standards that must be met to call yourself a professional.  Your doctor must pass specific exams to call themselves a doctor, an architect has exams, lawyers have the bar, accountants the CPA tests, etc.  But not technology.  Unlike other professional industries, the IT industry is totally unregulated.


Technology is the only field where you can say you are a qualified professional without so much as a degree in the subject.


That makes it incredibly difficult to determine the competency of a technology support company.  Selecting the right IT support company is critical to the operations of your organization.


We believe that a technology company should be led by a technology expert.


Simply Smart Technology CEO, Erin Kelley, is a technology expert.  She started her career in tech support over 20 years ago and gained skills over time, earning senior IT roles at large organizations.  Before founding Simply Smart Technology, Erin has spent over a decade in technology positions at world-class corporations, mainly in the financial services sector.


Throughout her career, she has managed every type of technology implementation from NT 4.0 to 2000 AD conversions, backups for 300+ servers, database server farms, compliance storage, large scale automation, data center build-outs, big data initiatives, global multi-site projects, and even super computer configurations.


Erin has taken the principles and quality standards usually found exclusively in large corporate environments and brought them to technology management for small to medium sized companies.

Behind every successfully managed IT environment, there is a great team

An innate willingness to help

The essence of Simply Smart Technology is to assist your business in every possible way, from optimizing your IT environment to supporting industry-specific software and custom applications. This includes taking the time to understand your unique processes and getting to know your people.

Always making clients the priority

Your business cannot wait. Every computer that goes down is not only a waste of time for you and your employees, it also risks losing a customer or missing a business opportunity. You can count on the prompt and proactive support of our first-class technicians, both remotely and onsite, to prevent outages and minimize downtime.

Delivering optimal technology support

You are certainly not satisfied with average-quality work, and neither are we. Every member of our team is a great problem solver and strives for excellence because, for us, optimal IT support means getting things done. When you call for help, you can rest assured that we do not quit working on your problem until it is 100% solved.

held by our team

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA A+ Subject Matter Expert
  • Certified Switchvox Sales Professional
  • Certified Switchvox Sales Engineer
  • Switchvox Support Engineer
  • MCSA
  • MCSE
  • CCNA

Technology support managed for your business

Simply Smart Technology believes in strong technical leadership at every level.


Our Help Desk Manager, Marcela Hernandez, is a technology expert with a dual degree in technology and business administration.  Before joining Simply Smart Technology she held IT positions providing desktop and network support to nonprofit organizations and small businesses.


Marcela’s educational and professional background provides her with the unique understanding that technology is here to enable and support your business goals.

Marcela Hernandez, Help Desk Manager, Simply Smart Technology

Marcela Hernandez
Help Desk Manager

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