Are you looking for a stimulating work environment with great people?

Working at Simply Smart Technology

A great deal of what we do as an IT support company directly comes from who we are as an employer. So just like we strive to provide an optimal quality of service to our clients, we want our people to be at their best.

That is why we established a casual workplace where experienced technicians and high-potential graduates are welcome to make a difference for dozens of small businesses – and for their career. There is something certain about joining us: This won’t be your average job.

What to expect working at Simply Smart Technology

We will provide you with a lot of information and answer your questions throughout the hiring process. In the meantime, Here are a few points about what you can expect from becoming a member of the team.

An inclusive workplace

Diversity matters to us. We love to work with people from various backgrounds and with different skills and levels of experience. We know that the best and most practical solutions come from mixing fresh thinking with in-depth expertise. And we are interested in both to build a strong team.

Continuous learning and professional development

We are scaling up our operations, and this creates many opportunities for our team members to grow professionally. Also, working with clients from different industries means that you can use all your talents and apply your problem-solving skills across multiple contexts – both remotely and onsite.

Great team spirit

Our people are team oriented and very easy to get along with. And since everyone works from the same office in Chicago, we always remain available to back each other up anytime – sharing thoughts, knowledge, and expertise to manage every IT environment successfully.

A commitment to client excellence

We have grown organically and keep on achieving one of the highest retention rates in the industry because we care for our customers. Their satisfaction is how we measure our performance. And that is a real motivator for the team to see the direct impact of their work and how much value they provide.

Who we are looking for

Technicians that are great at solving problems and preventing outages

Our employees are always ready to provide prompt and proactive support when clients call for help. They understand what is at stake: Not just a computer or server that went down, but perhaps an entire business paralyzed and unable to serve their customers. So they do not quit until a problem is solved, and make sure that everything possible is done to prevent the same issue from happening twice.

Folks who are curious and eager to learn

Every day is different at Simply Smart Technology. The team might be working on a cloud storage strategy in the morning, and providing on-site support in the afternoon. Our team is never bored, and you won’t be either. But the right fit is flexible and willing to develop new skills on the fly as our clients have unique processes, software, and workflows.

People with excellent communication skills

The people we support often do not have a background in IT. And they enjoy working with us because we provide tech services in a non-techie way. We spare them from the IT jargon and are available to explain the issues affecting their IT environment in plain English.

Teammates that are ready to contribute to the team and ask for help

Our employees understand that they do not need to solve all IT issues on their own. They are enthusiastic to help each other and do not hesitate to ask for the support of their colleagues whenever needed. In the end, it is all about serving our clients the best way we can together.

Check our latest openings

Feel free to contact us if you cannot find an opening that matches your skills and level of experience. Please include your CV and a brief intro discussing why you would be a right fit, and we will get in touch as soon as we have a suitable opportunity for you.