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Social media should be social


We are fond of technology and we <3 social media… for personal use

As a business we opt out of social media.

This goes against the current conventional wisdom where every business is told they need a social media marketing strategy. We disagree with the conventional wisdom and would like to explain why we are opting out.

We believe that social media should be fun! It’s a way to share your life and opinions with family and friends.

As a channel to reach our clients or potential clients or deliver relevant, time-sensitive, business critical information we believe social media is ineffective. There are better ways to engage real people in a meaningful way.

We have created #antisocialbiz to describe our inactivity on social media platforms. We hope you will join us and if you do we promise NOT to retweet you.

Social media for businesses has an unclear ROI

The CMO Survey published in February 2017 shows that in the B2B service space, only 16.2% of businesses with a social media strategy have been able to show any impact to their business by using social media and most say this success is measured in “brand awareness” and “brand building”.

We understand we will never have the mass market appeal and brand awareness of a soda company. Neither will the best landscaper in the world, the best accountant, or even the best law firm. We believe that the ability to find great companies when you need their services trumps brand awareness for professional services, B2B services, and B2B products.

Simply Smart Technology offers value pricing to our clients by being efficient with our time, money, and talents. If the best measureable payoff to social media is brand awareness, we feel that spending those resources almost anywhere else would produce more value for our clients.

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Productive people opt out, we think that’s smart

A report from Altimeter Group explains that the executives are unlikely to be found on social media. Only 9% of executives use social media with the majority of these users only active LinkedIn.

There is a concept called “information overload” that explains: when someone takes in more information than they can process it results in delayed decisions or wrong decisions. Engaging in social media is signing up for an always on, contsant stream of random information competing for your attention.

We believe that high-functioning people intuitively understand the concept of information overload and opt out of social media for business purposes to reduce their chances of experiencing information overload.

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Online engagement, but with who or what?

A study release March 2017 by the University of Southern California and Indiana University conservatively estimates there are 48 million software-manned accounts on Twitter. These accounts manned by software are called “bots” and make up at least 15% of all Twitter users.

Beyond bots usage, there is an unknown number of fake accounts active on all social media. Anonymity might be useful for some purposes, but it’s harmful toward fostering real connections with human people.

Simply Smart Technology values engagement with its customers, but we feel that trying to engage our clients on social media misses the mark.

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People aren’t always nice online!

The idea that people don’t act the same way online that they do in person is a well studied phenomenon called the online disinhibition effect.

Psycologist John Suler wrote about The online disinhibition effect back in 2004. He described that people would over share, act agressive, and do unsavory things online that they wouldn’t do in the real world.

The book “The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld”, traces incivility online going back to the precursor to the Internet, Arpanet, and provides a collection of anecdotes about modern day trolling.

We understand social media is not a space where people are always on their best behavior, so we don’t think it is a great place to have engaging or meanful conversations about business topics.

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Social media is a distraction at work

Studies show social media use at the office has a measureable negative impact on workplace prodcutivity.

The Pew Reserach Center report on Social Media explains that “56% of workers who use social media platforms for work-related purposes agree that social media distracts from the work they need to do” and “78% of workers who use social media platforms for work-related purposes say social media is useful for networking or finding new job opportunities”.

The primary mission of Simply Smart Technology is to be helpful. Steering your users away from their work or toward other jobs doesn’t seem helpful. That is why we are an #antisocialbiz

Read the Pew Research Center report Social Media and the Workplace